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Wormhole solutions in embedding class 1 space-time
N. Sarkar, , F. Rahaman, S. Islam
Published in World Scientific
Volume: 36
Issue: 2
The present work looks for new spherically symmetric wormhole solutions of the Einstein field equations based on the well-known embedding class 1, i.e. Karmarkar condition. The embedding theorems have an interesting property that connects an n-dimensional space-time to the higher-dimensional Euclidean flat space-time. The Einstein field equations yield the wormhole solution by violating the null energy condition (NEC). Here, wormholes solutions are obtained corresponding to three different redshift functions: rational, logarithm, and inverse trigonometric functions, in embedding class 1 space-time. The obtained shape function in each case satisfies the flare-out condition after the throat radius, i.e. good enough to represents wormhole structure. In cases of WH1 and WH2, the solutions violate the NEC as well as strong energy condition (SEC), i.e. here the exotic matter content exists within the wormholes and strongly sustains wormhole structures. In the case of WH3, the solution violates NEC but satisfies SEC, so for violating the NEC wormhole preserve due to the presence of exotic matter. Moreover, WH1 and WH2 are asymptotically flat while WH3 is not asymptotically flat. So, indeed, WH3 cutoff after some radial distance r = r1 > rs, the Schwarzschild radius, and match to the external vacuum solution. © 2021 World Scientific Publishing Company.
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JournalInternational Journal of Modern Physics A
PublisherWorld Scientific