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Wide beamwidth circularly polarized slot loaded microstrip patch antenna
M.K. Ray,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
The coupled fields between the slots are physically analyzed for wide 3-dB axial ratio beamwidth (ARBW) of a circularly polarized (CP) antenna. The square shaped CP antenna is decorated with a rectangular slot along one diagonal line of the patch and a pair of cross slots along another diagonal line. Dimensions of cross slots play a crucial role in adjusting the 3-dB ARBW of this CP antenna. This antenna offers the impedance bandwidth (IBW) of 83 MHz (2.443-2.526 GHz), CP bandwidth (CPBW) of 17 MHz (2.4462.463 GHz), and a maximum realizable gain of 4.28 dBic. The proposed left handed CP (LHCP) antenna exhibits wide 3-dB ARBW of 224° and 212° at φ =0° and φ=90° planes, respectively. © 2019 IEEE.