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Utilization of high-melting palm stearin in lipase-catalyzed interesterification with liquid oils
Published in American Oil Chemists' Society
Volume: 74
Issue: 5
Pages: 589 - 592
Palm stearin with a melting point (m.p.) of 49.8°C was fractionated from acetone to produce a low-melting palm stearin (m.p. = 35°C) and a higher-melting palm stearin (HMPS, m.p. = 58°C) fraction. HMPS was modified by interesterification with 60% (by weight) of individual liquid oils from sunflower, soybean, and rice bran by means of Mucor miehei lipase. The interesterified products were evaluated for m.p., solid fat content, and carbon number glyceride composition. When HMPS was interesterified individually with sunflower, soybean or rice bran at the 60% level, the m.p. of the interesterified products were 37.5, 38.9, and 39.6°C, respectively. The solid fat content of the interesterified products were 30-35 at 10°C, 17-19 at 20°C, and 6-10 at 30°C, respectively. The carbon number glyceride compositions also changed significantly. C48 and C54 glycerides decreased remarkably with a corresponding increase of the C50 and C52 glycerides. All these interesterified products were suitable for use as trans acid-free and polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich shortening and margarine fat bases.
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