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Traditional method of reproductive health care practices and fertility control among the Bhumija Tribe of Baleswar, Orissa
, B. Dash, N.C. Dash
Published in Kamla-Raj Enterprises
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
Pages: 51 - 55
The present paper makes an attempt to focus on the traditional medicine used by the Bhumijas of Baleswar for reproductive health problems and fertility control. The study reveals that eighteen plant species belonging to fifteen families are being used as traditional medicines to cure different reproductive health problems. The village medicine men, who have a good knowledge about the herbal medicines usually treat the patients. Many elderly persons of the village and the experienced women who attend the deliveries are also aware of the importance and use of such herbal medicine. Various plants and plant-parts are used for the preparation of medicines. It is found from the present study that though the traditional reproductive health service is generally affordable and easy to access yet the younger generation is getting influenced by the modern medicine. Further, due to the process of urbanization and culture contact, there is always a threat to the indigenous knowledge. Hence, there is an urgent need to execute a revitalization strategy for protecting the indigenous medical knowledge from complete desertion. © Kamla-Raj 2011.
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