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The rediscovery of Youngia atripappa (Babc.) N. Kilian in India after a century; its circumscription and nomenclature and the lectotypification of Crepis atripappa Babc.
Published in College of Life Science
Volume: 61
Issue: 4
Pages: 362 - 368
Nomenclature and typification of Crepis gracilis Hook. f. & Thomson ex C.B. Clarke, C. atripappa Babc.,Youngia gracilis Hook. f. ex Babc. & Stebbins Youngia stebbinsiana S.Y. Hu and Y. atripappa (Babc.) N. Kilian are discussed. Y. atripappa (Babc.) N. Kilian is considered as correct name for the species following Kilian’s observation. The status of remaining names is also ascertained. Typification of Crepis atripappa Babc. is analyzed and the name is lectotypified following provisions of the present Code. Information on the rediscovery of the species after 105 years from India as well as of its type locality is provided. Population estimation was carried out in three successive years, from 2013 to 2015. Detailed description, illustrations, field photographs with related data are also provided for proper circumscription and to facilitate its correct as well as easy identification. © 2016, College of Life Science. All rights reserved.
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