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Syntheses and crystal structures of cadmium(II)X2-hexamethylenetetramine (X=Br−/I−/SCN−) coordination polymers having different dimensionality
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 29
Issue: 3
Pages: 951 - 958

Four new coordination polymers of cadmium(II) with hexamethylenetetramine (htm) have been synthe- sized and characterized by routine physicochemical techniques as well as by X-ray single crystal struc- ture analysis. They are [CdBr(htm)(SCN)(H2O)2CH3OH]n (1), [CdI(htm)(SCN)(H2O)20.5(CH3OH)]n (2), [Cd2(htm)3(SCN)4(H2O)]nnH2O (3) and [Cd3Br6(htm)2(H2O)5(htm)(H2O)6]n (4). Complexes 1, 2 and 3 exhibit 1D polymeric structure and complex 4 shows a 2D undulated layered arrangement, containing Cd6(htm)6 hexagonal units as building block, which extended to a 3D supramolecular architecture through hydrogen bonding. Thorough thermal investigation suggest that as far as the thermal stability of Cd(II)-htm bond is concerned it attains the maximum in complex 1 and minimum in complex 4. In case of complex 3 the thermal study inferred that CdS end product was obtained at 730 C, whereas in case of other complexes the thermally stable end product remained unidentified. Solid state fluores- cence study shows that all the complexes are luminescent at room temperature except complex 3.

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