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Surfactant exopolysaccharide of Ochrobactrum pseudintermedium C1 has antibacterial potential: Its bio-medical applications in vitro
D. Sengupta, S. Datta, ,
Published in Elsevier GmbH
PMID: 32193126
Volume: 236
Since the advent of biologics in human welfare various bio-molecules have been explored. Different bacterial exopolysaccharides have proved their worth in many industrial and commercial applications. In this perspective, while exploring a surfactant exopolysaccharide of Ochrobactrum pseudintermedium C1, it is strikingly observed that it possesses a potent antibacterial property which encourages its bio-medical applications. Following isolation and purification of the said exopolysaccharide, its structural configuration and functional attributes are studied by several analytical procedures involving FTIR, 13C- NMR, CHN-analysis, estimation of zeta potential, XRD-study and digital tensiometry. When treated with pathological samples in vitro, it distinctly elicits its antibacterial property by exhibiting a characteristic zone of inhibition. Combined with a standard antibiotic (like ciprofloxacin), it enhances the action of antibiotic also. Mechanism of its antibacterial action is evaluated by crystal violet entrapment assay with UV–vis spectrophotometry, bacterial cell viability assay by trypan blue staining and SEM study. Results show that its basic surfactant property, anionic character, crystalline nature and scaffolding architecture are supposed to facilitate its antibacterial property which is manifested by its capability of disrupting bacterial cell envelope causing eventual cell death. In the current global scenario, an increasing threat of antibiotic resistance is prevailing due to their indiscriminate use. If used as an adjuvant with a judicious dose of antibiotic, this bio-molecule might play a significant role in bio-medicine to combat such threat. © 2020 Elsevier GmbH
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