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Sudoku solver using minigrid based backtracking
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Pages: 36 - 44
'Sudoku' is a popular Japanese puzzle game that trains our logical mind. The word Sudoku means 'the digits must remain single'. The Sudoku problem is important as it finds numerous applications in a variety of research domains with some sort of resemblance. Applications of solving a Sudoku instance are found in the fields of Steganography, Secret image sharing with necessary reversibility, Encrypting SMS, Digital watermarking, Image authentication, Image Encryption, and so and so forth. All the existing Sudoku solving techniques are primarily guess based heuristic or computation intensive soft computing methodology. They are all cell based, that is why very much time consuming. Therefore, in this paper a minigrid based novel technique is developed to solve the Sudoku puzzle in guessed free manner. © 2014 IEEE.
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JournalData powered by TypesetSouvenir of the 2014 IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, IACC 2014
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