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Studies on coal macerals
Published in -
Volume: 58
Issue: 3
Pages: 347 - 352
Investigations on vitrinite, exinite and fusinite from a sample of high-sulfur Tertiary coal of India reveal the relative proportions of different parameters present in them. The relative solubility of the macerals in different solvents shows the difference in internal structure and the molecular weights among them. Chromatographic separation of the extracts of exinites and fusinites and analyses shows that (SH) groups come with the preliminary fractions having lower aromaticities and higher poly-nuclear compounds come with increased fractionation. I. R. spectral analyses reveal the presence or absence of different groups in exinites and fusinites. The calculation of structural parameters shows that exinites are less aromatized and condensed than the vitrinites, but the reverse is true in case of fusinites; also the aromatic clusters in exinites are much smaller than those of vitrinites, whereas with fusinites, they are larger. Also with the same rank the percentage of oxygen as hydroxyl group is much less in the case of exinite whereas fusinite is intermediate between the two. © 1963 Society of Economic Geologists, Inc.
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