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Studies of the catalytic activity of Fe(III)(salen) complexes as epoxidation catalysts
Published in Informa UK Limited
Volume: 62
Issue: 5
Pages: 845 - 853

Two new Fe(III)(salen) complexes, FeL1 ClO4 2H2O (1) and FeL2 ClO4 (2) [L1 1⁄4 N,N0 - ethylenebis(3-formyl-5-methylsalicylaldimine) and L2 1⁄4 N,N0 -cyclohexenebis(3-formyl-5- methylsalicylaldimine)], have been synthesized and characterized. The catalytic activity of the complexes for epoxidation of alkenes has been investigated in the presence of two terminal oxidants PhIO and NaOCl, with two solvents CH3CN and CH2Cl2. As alkenes styrene and (E)-stilbene have been chosen for investigation; styrene is a better substrate than electron-rich (E)-stilbene. The study also suggests that unlike their Mn(III) counterparts, 1 and 2 are poor epoxidation catalysts; catalysis proceeds with formation of one intermediate, rather than forming more than one intermediate depending on the terminal oxidant used. Use of exogenous neutral donor ligands such as Py, PyNO and 1-MePy is effective to improve catalytic behavior.

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JournalJournal of Coordination Chemistry
PublisherInforma UK Limited
Open AccessNo