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Structure and luminescence of a nitrate-bridged heterotrinuclear Cu2-Pr complex with compartmental Schiff base ligand
Published in Informa UK Limited
Volume: 63
Issue: 21
Pages: 3714 - 3723

A unique heterotrinuclear nitrate-bridged complex of hexanitrate praseodymium(III) and dicopper(II) compartmental species has been synthesized and characterized by X-ray single crystal structure analysis. The structure determination indicates that the dinuclear copper moiety undergoes a tilted deformation (with respect to the dicopper complex) upon connection to the lanthanide species via a rare nitrate bridge. The trinuclear species is highly fluorescent owing to the presence of praseodymium.

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JournalJournal of Coordination Chemistry
PublisherInforma UK Limited
Open AccessNo