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Star formation under explosion mechanism in a magnetized medium
Published in Institute of Astronomy and Rozhen NAO
Volume: 31
Pages: 16 - 29
The model of star formation has been developed as a result of explosive phenomena in the central region of Our Galaxy. The shock wave generated as a result of such explosion, during its propagation, cools and compresses the ambient medium in a thin layer, which subsequently fragments into molecular clouds. These clouds finally form star clusters or field stars under gravitational collapse. We primarily consider the central region of Our Galaxy under the influence of a magnetic field for modeling such explosive phenomena and derive the minimum Jeans mass for gravitational collapse. It is found that under an inverse variation of temperature with density, a wide range of fragments can be formed. The mass range is enhanced in the presence of a constant as well as varying magnetic field. Under suitable physical conditions a burst of star formation is possible. It is also found that rotation of such fragmented clouds of the order of few km s−1 kpc−1, might lead to a stable structure. © 2019, Institute of Astronomy and Rozhen NAO. All rights reserved.
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JournalBulgarian Astronomical Journal
PublisherInstitute of Astronomy and Rozhen NAO
Open AccessNo