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Stabilization of Double Link Inverted Pendulum Using LQR
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
An double inverted pendulum on cart is an object which is a nonlinear, unstable system that is used as a standard for designing the control methods and finds most versatile application in the field of control theory. In this paper the mathematical modeling and control strategy of double inverted pendulum-cart dynamic system with disturbance input using PID and LQR have been stated. The states of the system are given to LQR controller which is obtained using linear state-feedback controller. The MATLAB-SIMULINK environment have been used for simulation of the control strategies. The aim of this work is to have a comparative study of two different control strategies and the analysis of performance of two different types of controller for double inverted pendulum on cart system have been obtained. The result shows and validate the comparative lead of LQR control strategy over conventional PID control strategy. © 2018 IEEE.