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Soy lecithin-monoester interchange reaction by microbial lipase
Published in American Oil Chemists' Society
Volume: 74
Issue: 6
Pages: 761 - 763
Modification of the fatty acid composition of soy lecithin, principally at its 1-position, was investigated by interchange reaction with the methyl ester of individual fatty acids and a lipase as the catalyst. The consequent effect on the surface activity of soy lecithin was also examined. The interchange reaction was carried out by heating a mixture of soy lecithin and methyl ester of a fatty acid at 60°C for 48 h with 10% (by weight of the reactants) Mucor miehei lipase. The lipase was filtered from the reaction mixture, and the product was isolated by combination of acetone extraction, which removed the methyl ester fraction, and by preparative thin-layer chromatography separation. The soy lecithin showed distinct change in its fatty acid composition in the sn-1 position. Capric acid was incorporated by 8.4%, while lauric acid and myristic acid were introduced at 14.1 and 15.7%, respectively. The linolenic acid percentage was increased by about 10 units. The interfacial tension of soy lecithin changed significantly after incorporation of various saturated fatty acids.
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