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Solvent Crystallization of the Fat and Fatty Acids of Schleichera trijuga Seed
Published in -
Volume: 72
Issue: 12
Pages: 1029 - 1031
The crystallizations of the kusum oil and the mixed fatty acids thereof were studied from several solvents at various temperatures (+10° C to −60° C). The results indicate in general that in the range of temperatures studied, petroleum ether as a single solvent is comparable in efficiency to methanol and superior to both acetone and ethanol in respect of separation of the saturated and unsaturated components of the fatty acid mixture. The saturated and unsaturated fractions of the oil also are better separated by petroleum ether than acetone. Further, oleic acid essentially free from linoleic acid is obtainable by a preliminary crystallization of the fatty acid mixture from petroleum ether at ca. −12° C, followed by two additional crystallizations from acetone at ca. −55° C. Copyright © 1970 WILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
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