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Solar PV Battery Charger Using MPPT-Based Controller
Shreya Das, Avishek Munsi, Piyali Pal, Dipak Mandal Kumar,
Published in
Volume: 591
Pages: 169 - 182
Present circumstances lead a major challenge to the non-renewable sources of energy, causing more need of renewable energy. The common characteristics of renewable energy except for hydroelectricity are low energy density and high resource dispersion. Moreover, wind, solar and ocean energies are stochastic and intermittent resources but solar energy is available in an ample amount almost in every strata of the world and is an effective renewable source of energy. Here we develop a prototype of large-scale system for feeding local domestic loads with solar energy and to store the energy for using, during peak hours when our traditional energy sources are not able to satisfy the demand of energy needed by the domestic loads. In our small scale approach at laboratory environment, instead of using solar photo-voltaic module, we used solar photovoltaic simulator as source to generate electricity. The source voltage is then converted by using a DC–DC buck type converter to a required value for charging a 12 V lead-acid battery which is used as an energy storage element. Here we implemented the Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm of perturb and observe technique to extract maximum power and to transfer the extracted energy to our desired storage element by developing a program which is interfaced with hardware using Arduino Uno.
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