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Secret image / message transmission through meaningful shares using (2, 2) visual cryptography (SITMSVC)
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Pages: 263 - 268
In this paper a secret message/image transmission technique has been proposed through (2, 2) visual cryptographic shares which are covered by meaningful images so that a potential eavesdropper won't know there's a message to be read. A binary image is taken as cover image and authenticating message/image has been fabricated into it through a hash function where two bits in each pixel within four bits from LSB of the pixel is embedded and as a result it converts the binary image to gray scale one. (2, 2) visual cryptographic shares are generated from this converted gray scale image and these shares are hidden into separate meaningful images. During decoding shares are fetched from received meaningful images and combined to regenerate the authenticated image from where the secret message/image is obtained through the same hash function along with reduction of noise. Noise reduction is also done on regenerated authenticated image to produce original cover image at destination. © 2011 IEEE.
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JournalInternational Conference on Recent Trends in Information Technology, ICRTIT 2011