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Photonic 60 GHz sub-bands generation with 24-tupled frequency multiplication using cascaded dual parallel polarization modulators
, R. Banerjee Chaudhuri, , A. Bogoni
Published in Academic Press Inc.
Volume: 58
An energy efficient and all optical 24 tupled radio frequency multiplication is proposed to generate 60 GHz using two cascaded dual parallel polarization modulators (DPPolMs). Detailed theoretical analysis is carried out using Jones matrix formalism. ±12th order optical sidebands are obtained at the output of second DPPolM which beat at the photo-detector (PD) to produce frequency 24 tupled RF carrier. A good optical spurious suppression ratio (OSSR) of 34.4 dB is obtained for ±12th order optical sidebands and radio frequency spurious suppression ratio (RFSSR) of 25.8 dB is obtained for 24-tupled RF signal. We verify the accuracy of the analysis with simulations in OptiSystem and a close match between theory and simulation results are obtained. We showed a scheme to generate four subcarrier signals in 57–64 GHz license free band using subcarrier multiplexing with an additional polarization modulator placed after cascaded DPPolMs. 10 km single mode fiber transmission performance of the optical sidebands in 57–64 GHz sub-band shows negligible power penalty of 0.3 dB at BER10-9. © 2020 Elsevier Inc.
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JournalOptical Fiber Technology
PublisherAcademic Press Inc.
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