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Petrological studies of the area around Nallur - Arunagiripalaiyam areas, Salem District, Tamilnadu
Published in -
Volume: 26
Issue: 43469
Pages: 37 - 44
Occurrence of a typical amphiobolite-two pyroxene granulite-felsic rocks has recently been reported from Arunagiripalaiyam, Nallur and adjoining areas of Salem District, Tamil Nadu. The felsic rocks can be divisible into tonalite-quartz diorite and syenite-monzonite varieties. The two pyroxene granulite rocks showing refractory mineral assemblage correspond to restite related to partial melting, whereas amphiobolite represents the precursor source material for melting. The syenite and tonalite gneissic members of the felsic component are found to be bodily representation of different mineralogical variants under granulite facies condition from an idential source chemistry. It seems this area represents a zone of emplacement/segregation of granitoid magma in the vicinity of a migmatitic front.
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JournalIndian Journal of Earth Sciences
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