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On some properties of the multivariate aging classes
Published in -
Volume: 5
Issue: 4
Pages: 523 - 534
Two multivariate aging classes described by Johnson and Kotz [7] and Zahedi [11] and known as vector multivariate increasing/decreasing hazard rate (VMIHR/VMDHR) class and decreasing/increasing multivariate mean remaining life of type 2 (DMMRL/IMMRL-2) class, respectively, as well as componentwise NBUE/NWUE class, are considered. The chain of implications between these classes and some characterizing properties of them with regard to the equilibrium distribution corresponding to a multivariate distribution function and concave (convex) transformation of the residual random vector have been established. The “closure under mixture” property of the first two classes are also studied. © 1991, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.
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JournalProbability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences