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Nickel(II) complexes having different configurations controlled by N,N,O-donor Schiff-base ligands in presence of isothiocyanate as co-ligand: Synthesis, structures, comparative biological activity and DFT study
Jaydeep Adhikary, Priyanka Kundu, Sanchari Dasgupta, Sudeshna Mukherjee, , Gabriel Aullón,
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 101
Pages: 93 - 102

Four mononuclear nickel(II) complexes, viz. [NiL1 (OAc)(H2O)2]2H2O (1), [NiL1 (NCS)(H2O)2]H2O (1a), [NiL2 (OAc)(H2O)] (2), and [NiL2 (NCS)] (2a) (where HL1 = 2-[(2-Morpholin-4-yl-ethylimino) -methyl]-phe nol and HL2 = 2-[(2-Pyrrolidin-1-yl-ethylimino)-methyl]-phenol) have been synthesized and structurally characterized. Single crystal X-ray analysis reveals the presence of square planar coordination geometry about nickel for 2a, whereas others have distorted octahedral geometry. DFT calculations have done to explore the origin of different geometries of 1a and 2a although their preparative procedure is same. The influence of different geometries i.e., octahedral and square-planar on the anticancer activity of Ni(II) have been investigated on Erhlich’s ascities carcinoma (EAC) cells and the order of anticancer activ- ity is 2a > 1a > 2 > 1. The biological results are further compared to the activity of cis-platin.

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