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New evidences of shell-gravel taxa from Harudi Formation (Middle Eocene), western Kutch
Published in Geological Society of India
Volume: 85
Issue: 5
Pages: 586 - 590
A foraminiferal shell bed (informally referred to as the ‘obtusus bed’) occurring in the upper part of the Harudi Formation (Middle Eocene) in Kutch has yielded evidences of diverse shell-gravel taxa (mostly macroinvertebrates). In this communication, we report new evidences of shell-gravel taxa in the form of clavet and tubular borings of endolithic fauna and epibenthic growth of solitary scleractinian coral and cyclostome bryozoa for the first time. The borings include Gastrochaenolites Leymerie, Trypanites Mägdefrau and cf. Trypanites Mägdefrau. The coral and the bryozoan are Trochocyathus sp. Edward and Haime and ‘Proboscina’ sp. Audouin respectively. This highly diverse shell-gravel fauna subsisted solely on the larger foraminifera of the ‘obtusus bed’. So far, such an association is unknown from any other part of India. © 2015, Geological Society of India.
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JournalJournal of the Geological Society of India
PublisherGeological Society of India