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Multi objective fractional programming by genetic algorithm
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 128 - 134
Efficiency of any system or organization can be dealt as output divided by input. In case an organization has multiple inputs, the effective input can be treated as a linear combination of inputs and similarly output can be treated as a combination of outputs. This ratio of the linear combination of output divided by input is a fraction. Optimization of this multivariable fraction is a mathematical challenge. A system may have multiple such ratios to be optimized, where independent variables are same in all the fractional functions. Though there is a large number of numerical algorithms for solving such an abnormal function, it has been found genetic algorithm performs far better. In this paper a new way of obtaining the Pareto Optimal front for the Multi Objective Optimisation problem consisting of multiple fractions has been demonstrated using Genetic Algorithm implemented in MATLAB. © 2016 IEEE.