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Mon-221 Role of Iron in Snake Venom Induced Acute Kidney Injury and It'S Severity in Experimental Model.
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Volume: 4
Issue: 7
BACKGROUND: Previous studies have reported that iron; an important micronutrient; have a major role in acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease. It acts by increasing oxidative stress and inflammation. Snake envenomation is one of the major responsible factors for producing AKI in rural area. So; in this study we have investigated whether the catalytic iron plays role in etiology and severity of snake venom induced AKI. AIM OF THE STUDY: The focus of the study is to investigate the role of iron in SAKI pathogenesis and consequent deterioration of kidney function by using Deferoxamine; an iron chelator drug. METHODS: To find out the role of iron in Russell Viper venom induced nephrotoxicity; male adult swiss albino mice were taken and RVV was injected intramucscularly at a dose of 30 $\mu$g/100 gm body weight. An iron chelator drug; Deferoxamine was used for iron chelation by which might indicate the role of catalytic iron. 72 hours after envenomation inflammatory and stress parameters e.g. TC; DC; NO; TBARS activity; OSI; free iron were measured in plasma and renal tissue. Severity of renal injury was denoted by plasma creatinine and urinary microprotein level. Renal histology was done by H-E and picrosirius red staining. Anti TGF-$\beta$; anti CTGF antibody were used for IHC study. Images were analyzed with imageJ image analysis software. Data were represented as mean ± standard error of mean. RESULTS: The iron chelator significantly reduced the AKI markers; inflammation; oxidative stress levels and also reduced the level of plasma and tissue catalytic iron. These findings were supported by histological study. The severity of AKI was also significantly reduced by iron chelation as noted in fibrotic markers. Collagen deposition in renal tissue and level of TGF-$\beta$ and CTGF were significantly increased after envenomation and were reduced by the Deferoxamine treatment. CONCLUSIONS: The iron chelator ameliorates venom induced nephrotoxicity and reduces its severity by delaying the onset of fibrosis along with inflammation and oxidative damage. So it can be concluded that iron plays a role in SAKI and its severity.
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