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Loss of phase fault detection of an induction motor
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Volume: 85
Issue: 43467
Pages: 18 - 34
This paper deals with detection of loss of phase in the operation of an induction motor. Change of current magnitude has been assessed using sequence component Increase of current magnitude in healthy phases shows almost linear relationship with the increase of phase angle difference between them. I.oss of phase has been detected by the rule set using feature pattern extraction method used for unbalance assessment. Loss of phase has been detected by Concordia and radar assessment. Feature pattern extraction method has been extended by making radars of matrices formed by differences of maxima and minima points of line currents, wherefrom. phase location as well as increase of healthy phase are obtained. Among all these approaches, the last is most advantageous as it involves very less data which decreases both of memory space requirement and time for execution.
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JournalModelling, Measurement and Control A
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