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Isolation of tocopherol and sterol concentrate sunflower oil deodorizer distillate
Published in American Oil Chemists' Society
Volume: 73
Issue: 10
Pages: 1271 - 1274
The isolation of tocopherols and sterols together as a concentrate from sunflower oil deodorizer distillate was investigated. The sunflower oil deodorizer distillate was composed of 24.9% unsaponifiable matter with 4.8% tocopherols and 9.7% sterols, 28.8% free fatty acid (FFA) and 46.3% neutral glycerides. The isolation technology included process steps such as biohydrolysis, bioesterification and fractional distillation. The neutral glycerides of the deodorizer distillates were hydrolyzed by Candida cylindracea lipase. The total fatty acids (initial FFA plus FFA from neutral glycerides) were converted into butyl esters with Mucor miehei lipase. The esterified product was then fractionally distilled in a Claisen-vigreux flask. The first fraction, which was collected at 180-230°C at 1.00 mm of Hg for 45 min, contained mainly butyl esters, hydrocarbons, oxidized products and some amount of free fatty acids. The fraction collected at 230-260°C at 1.00 mm Hg for 15 min was rich in tocopherols (about 30%) and sterols (about 36%). The overall recovery of tocopherols and sterols after hydrolysis, esterification and distillation were around 70% and 42%, respectively, of the original content in sunflower oil deodorizer distillate.
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