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Information theoretical study of cross-talk mediated signal transduction in MAPK pathways
Published in MDPI AG
Volume: 19
Issue: 9
Biochemical networks having similar functional pathways are often correlated due to cross-talk among the homologous proteins in the different networks. Using a stochastic framework, we address the functional significance of the cross-talk between two pathways. A theoretical analysis on generic MAPK pathways reveals cross-talk is responsible for developing coordinated fluctuations between the pathways. The extent of correlation evaluated in terms of the information theoretic measure provides directionality to net information propagation. Stochastic time series suggest that the cross-talk generates synchronisation in a cell. In addition, the cross-interaction develops correlation between two different phosphorylated kinases expressed in each of the cells in a population of genetically identical cells. Depending on the number of inputs and outputs, we identify signal integration and signal bifurcation motif that arise due to inter-pathway connectivity in the composite network. Analysis using partial information decomposition, an extended formalism of multivariate information calculation, also quantifies the net synergy in the information propagation through the branched pathways. Under this formalism, signature of synergy or redundancy is observed due to the architectural difference in the branched pathways. © 2017 by the authors.
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