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Inclusion of the economically backward students: Scope and tenet of Indian school libraries
Published in University of Idaho Library
Volume: 2019
The study aims to find out how far a school library can contribute in the issue of inclusion of the economically backward class students. Meanwhile the author has opined three major issues: Economical, Psychological and Societal as the reasons behind the school dropouts in India; while theoretical analyses have unveiled that the school library has enough scope and potential to reduce the dropout rate by offering several innovative approaches. Further, the author has investigated the reality and forwarded ten unique approaches (broadly classified into Library beyond school, Increase the reading habit and Empowerment of the student) which could be fruitful to impede the dropout rates in school education and also framed a flowchart to describe the steps of the process. The study shows that the approaches are well construct and self-explanatory and proper implications of those ideas can uplift the literacy rate. Later, two cases are being cited in the study to understand the applicability of those initiatives. The result shows that through the appropriate application of the ideas the dropout rates have decreased in both the cases. © 2019 Library Philosophy and Practice.
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