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Impact of pesticides on soil microbiological parameters and possible bioremediation strategies
Published in SPRINGER
Volume: 48
Issue: 1
Pages: 114 - 127
Intensive agriculture is spectacularly successful since last couple of decades due to the inputs viz; fertilizers and pesticides along with high yielding varieties. The mandate for agriculture development was to feed and adequate nutrition supply to the expanding population by side the agriculture would be entering to into new area of commercial and export orientation. The attention of public health and proper utilization natural resources are also the main issues related with agriculture development. Concern for pesticide contamination in the environment in the current context of pesticide use has assumed great importance [1]. The fate of the pesticides in the soil environment in respect of pest control efficacy, non-target organism exposure and offsite mobility has been given due consideration [2]. Kinetics and pathways of degradation depend on abiotic and biotic factors [6], which are specific to a particular pesticide and therefore find preference. Adverse effect of pesticidal chemicals on soil microorganisms [3], may affect soil fertility [4] becomes a foreign chemicals major issue. Soil microorganisms show an early warning about soil disturbances by foreign chemicals than any other parameters. But the fate and behavior of these chemicals in soil ecosystem is very important since they are degraded by various factors and have the potential to be in the soil, water etc. So it is indispensable to monitor the persistence, degradation of pesticides in soil and is also necessary to study the effect of pesticide on the soil quality or soil health by in depth studies on soil microbial activity. The removal of metabolites or degraded products should be removed from soil and it has now a day's primary concern to the environmentalist. Toxicity or the contamination of pesticides can be reduced by the bioremediation process which involves the uses of microbes or plants. Either they degrade or use the pesticides by various co metabolic processes. © 2008 Association of Microbiologists of India.
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