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Impact of parasitic patches for controlling mutual coupling and spatial correlation in closely spaced UWB MIMO antennas
D. Sarkar, C. Saha, D. Ganguly, , Y.M.M. Antar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In this paper, we investigate the effects of placing multiple parasitic patches symmetrically in the feed-section, on the port-to-port mutual coupling in UWB MIMO antenna elements with very close edge-to-edge spacing (0.02λ at highest operating wavelength λ). Ansys HFSS based simulations confirm that by strategically tuning these patch dimensions, one can achieve average 6- 8 dB mutual coupling reduction in desired high frequency bands around 6.8 GHz and 9.4 GHz, without adversely affecting the impedance-matching/VSWR performance. Furthermore, for the first time in such UWB monopole systems, we determine the envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) in realistic Gaussian/Uniform propagation scenario for a wide range of elevation angles and angular spread of incoming signals, thereby demonstrating the intrinsic connection between port-to-port coupling and far-field spatial correlation performance. © 2019 IEEE.