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Identification of species of candida, cryptococcus, and torulopsis by gas-liquid chromatography
Published in -
Volume: 140
Issue: 6
Pages: 952 - 958
Gas-liquid chromatography was used to identify species of Candida, Cryptococcus, and Torulopsis by fatty-acid analysis of the whole-cell hydrolysate. Candida albicans characteristically revealed 2-OH C14:0 and C19:0 (chain length:number of double bonds); these were absent in other organisms. Candida curvata was characterized by a ratio of C16:1 to 06:0 of > 1.0. Candidaguilliermondii contained 00:0, and Candida tropicalis had no 02:0; these features were used for their identification. Cryptococcus was characterized by the absence of 06:1. Torulopsis was characterized by a 06:1 to C16:0 ratio of > 10 accompanied by the presence of one unidentified fatty acid. These data suggested that certain Candida, Cryptococcus, and Torulopsis (the clinically important yeast-like organisms) may be identified by gas-liquid chromatography. © 1979 by The University of Chicago.
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