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Grain quality and multivariate analysis of various quality parameters in rice genotypes
K. Majumder, D. Nath, , T. Dasgupta
Published in Agricultural Research Communication Centre
Volume: 40
Issue: 1
Pages: 10 - 18
Thirty-six rice genotypes were evaluated for thirteen different quality parameters along with yield/plant to assess genetic estimates of the traits and the extent of genetic diversity among the varieties. Analysis of variance was conducted to determine GCV, PCV, heritability and GA of the genotypes with respect to all characters. Significant variation was observed in many traits among the genotypes offering scope for selection. Correlation analysis determined the nature of relationship among these characters. UPGMA studies revealed six major clusters and cluster I and II were the largest with maximum number of genotypes. The study identified that the varieties namely, Black Gora, Kalinga-2, Dudheswar, ARC 10086, IR-36, IR-64 and Nipponbare possessed good quality traits and high yield performance. The current study indicated that developing rice varieties for consumer acceptance with good grain quality traits along with high yield will be very useful in rice breeding and in selection of parents for hybridization to combine both high yield and improved quality traits. © 2020, Agricultural Research Communication Centre. All rights reserved.
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