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Fabiana Silvestri (Foraminiferida) from India, with notes on its global distribution
Published in -
Volume: 119
Issue: 3
Pages: 257 - 267
Fabiania Silvestri, a morphologically distinctive larger foraminifer, is circum-global in distribution and is reported to be almost equally abundant in the three marine Tertiary provinces, Tethyan, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean-American. The genus is reported to range from Upper Palaeocene to the top of the Eocene. During the mid-late Eocene Fabiania seems to have been represented by three species, F. cassis (Oppenheim), F. cubensis (Cole & Bermudez) and F. saipanensis Cole. In the Indian subcontinent it is known only from eastern India, where it is represented by F. cassis and F. saipanensis. F. indica Nagappa is here regarded as a junior synonym of F. saipanensis Cole. F. cassis is reported for the first time from India. In eastern India, Fabiania is found to be restricted to the middle to upper part of the Middle Eocene. © 1982, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.
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