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Exploring the impediments for successful implementation of the task-based language teaching approach: a review of studies on teachers’ perceptions
S. Hasnain,
Published in Routledge
There has been ample research establishing the effectiveness of the task-based language teaching approach on improving learners’ language skills. Some studies have also taken account of teachers’ experience and their views of working in task-based classrooms, as experimentation with an approach is different from implementing it in real classroom situations. Studying teachers’ perceptions can help us understand the practicality of the task-based approach. The present study investigates teachers’ reluctance to implement TBLT and scrutinises teachers’ positive and negative perceptions towards the approach. A review methodology was utilised, whereby 16 empirical studies on teachers’ perception towards TBLT were selected from the years 2004 to 2019. The review revealed that the challenges faced by teachers or apprehended by them in TBLT classrooms were typically similar. Most of the teachers were aware of the task-based approach, but they lacked thorough knowledge and practical experience. Many of them expressed the idea that task-based methods were appropriate for college and university students rather than school children. The review concludes with suggestions to improve the implementation of the task-based approach, emphasising stakeholders’ roles and the importance of appropriate training for teachers in TBLT. © 2021 Association for Language Learning.
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