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Effect of Finite Spectral Width on the Modulational Instability of Langmuir Waves
Published in -
Volume: 30
Issue: 2
Pages: 203 - 209
The effect of finite spectral width on the modulational instability of Langmuir waves has been investigated applying a method developed by Alber to derive a transport equation for the spectral density. The numerical results presented show that the spectrum is stable against modulational perturbation when the spectral width exceeds some critical value. For a Gaussian spectrum, the maximum growth rate is less than that for a monochromatic wave but the domain of modulational instability is extended. For a uniform distribution the shift in the growth rate curve towards the region of shorter wavelength is more pronounced and, for a certain range of spectral width, the maximum growth rate exceeds that for a monochromatic wave. © 1983, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.
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JournalJournal of Plasma Physics