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Economic Reforms and Gender-Based Wage Inequality in the Presence of Factor Market Distortions
Somasree Poddar,
Published in
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Pages: 301 - 321
A simple three-sector general equilibrium model has been developed with both male and female labour and factor market distortions. The effects of different liberalized economic policies have been examined on the gender-based wage inequality. The analysis finds that credit market reform and tariff reform produce favourable effects on the wage inequality while the liberalized investment policy becomes counterproductive. The basic model has been extended to treat domestic capital differently from foreign capital. In the extended model, all of the above results hold. Additionally, it has been found that domestic capital formation is likely to produce a favourable impact on the gender wage inequality. These results have important policy implications for a small open developing economy.
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JournalJournal of Quantitative Economics