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Distributed design of universal lightweight RFID system for large-scale RFID operation
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Pages: 40 - 44
The design of Radio Frequency Identification RFID network [1], [3-5], [7], [9], [11], [12] hence plays a significant role for successfully deploying large-scale applications [7], [10], [13], [14]. This is especially true when the tagged object is on item-level. This paper discusses issues that should be considered in design of RFID network; analyzes the potential impacts of different RFID network design on the existing enterprise network [8] and presents the Distributed Design of Universal lightweight RFID system [2], [6] for Large-Scale RFID operation for different RFID deployment environment [13-16] and computing platforms, which has the advantage of the rapid development of new scene-oriented RFID system. Customization and reconfiguration with lightweight [2], [4-6] capabilities are the aspirations of our developed RFID distributed system for large scale operation. Based on OSGi Open Service Gateway Initiative technology [17-19] and its Service-Oriented development mode, the paper describes the distributed service component framework and components design method for universal RFID system. © 2011 IEEE.
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JournalAPBITM 2011 - Proceedings2011 IEEE International Summer Conference of Asia Pacific Business Innovation and Technology Management