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Development of play therapy module for children with autism
Published in -
Volume: 39
Issue: 2
Pages: 245 - 253
The present research work attempted to develop a therapeutic module of play for children with autism. Four stages of play, viz., sensorimotor, constructive, functional, and pretend play were structured with suitable materials, following the rules of construction. Two groups (experimental and control) were formed with 10 children with autism in each. Each play stage was exposed to 10 children individually. A matched control group of 10 children were not provided the play sessions. Both the groups received the other regular management programme throughout the research. Pre and post scores of the dependent variables, viz., communication, socialization, cognition, and problem behaviour were measured. The result indicated the fact that all the stages of structured play offered significant gain in cognition, socialization, and communication of the children. Thus, it can be concluded that structured play, particularly, the present 'Play Module', can initiate breaking the glass shell of autism. © Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.
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