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Design and analysis of a novel mathematical model towards realizing the need for intelligent transportation system in Indian cities
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 180 - 185
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is integral towards envisioning a truly mobile and digital India. While existing solutions like smart vehicles and autonomous driving are inapplicable for Indian cities, transport surveys in India have provided offline solutions through GPS data. Without analytical formulations, they are prone to failure in ever-changing Indian urban landscape. This paper addresses this contemporary problem and provides an analytical model that serves as the backbone for developing ITS in India. Contribution of this paper is the formulation of objective function using road networks that reduces congestion by minimizing vehicular density under constraints of feasible paths and traffic flows. Novelty of this work is further established by exhaustive studies that determine important traffic metrics and further establish relationships among critical congestion-queue parameters. Additionally, indepth studies of Indian cities under this model justify our motivation for ITS-enabled India. Finally, validation with theoretical model establishes the credibility of this work. © 2017 IEEE.