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Data Warehouse Based Analysis with Integrated Blood Donation Management System
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 855 - 860
Blood donation is an important issue throughout the world to save and manage lives. In order to make this process more effective an automated system could be built to monitor and organize blood donation camps. In this paper we developed an integrated framework with all related but isolated web based sub systems of a blood management system. We propose a data warehouse (DW) as an integral part of the integrated framework to store historical blood donation data in a centralized database for analytical processing. Proposed system would enable the authorities to take informed blood donation camping decision based on the analytical reports from the DW for some area for a particular time and citizen demography. Finally, we introduce a new measure of humanity (scoring system for good deeds) of citizens called Philanthropy Score (PS) and Philanthropy League (PL) derived from PS. In our proposed system after blood collection at donation camps, few health related details would be updated in the blood management system database and most importantly PS of the donor would be updated into the national citizens' database. A well-advertised communication would allow the citizens to know about the PS points they can accrue for every possible good deed. Blood donation is merely a prototype use of the proposed PS. © 2018 IEEE.