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Data integration based approach to find shortest path within a city for different time periods
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 233 - 238
Traditional data mining usually deals with data from single domain, however in modern day business applications the data may come from different domain for single application. Data sets are of multiple modalities. Each of them may have a different representation, distribution, scale and density. Data Integration techniques aggregate several domains of data sets and then represent in a unified form so that they can be used for data mining. In this research work data integration is considered in terms of the data collected from multiple modes of communication within a city and these data have been integrated and organized to infer more information. Here more information refers to generation of more numbers of routes in a city by combining multiple modes of communication. Further, this research work proposes an optimization in terms of searching path which is shortest in terms of time. The proposed methodology is executed on the historical data of different instances of day as well as different day of the week so that the relevant conditions or constraints associated with the traffic are included. © 2016 IEEE.