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Cytogenetical studies on autotriploid (2n×4n)olitorius jute (Corchorus olitorius Linn. strain chinsurah green)
Published in Springer-Verlag
Volume: 34
Issue: 8
Pages: 335 - 340
1. Height, base diameter, the number of branches, the number of pods, size of ultimate fibres, leaf measurements, pod measurements, measurements of guard cells, number of full seeds per pod in case of autotriploid jute were noted and compared with diploid and autotetraploid jute. 2. Mean numbers of chromosome associations per p.m.c in 3 n jute show 2.48 univalents, 4.64 bivalents, 0.58 trivalents, 1.80 quadrivalents, 0.064 hexavalents and 0.064 fragments. Quadrivalents are noticed in the forms of ring and chain. Y-shaped trivalent is common. Chromosome numbers varied. 3. Laggards, occasional bridges due to stickiness, irregular segregation, late dividing bivalents etc. are noted. Elimination of chromatin bodies is observed. 4. Monads to octads with or without micronuclei are recorded. 5. Fertility percentage in 3 n (63.5%) is compared with 2 n and 4 n. Pollen diameters of 3 n is also compared with those of 2 n and 4 n. © 1964 Springer-Verlag.
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