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Cooper’s 12 min run test: Its validity in indian swimmers and volleyball players
Published in Scientific Scholar
Volume: 64
Issue: 4
Pages: 265 - 271
Objectives: VO2max is globally considered as the gold standard to evaluate the cardiorespiratory fitness that is an essential component to judge one’s aerobic fitness level. The present study was aimed to enumerate the validity for application of Cooper’s 12 min run test (CRT) in predicting VO2max among Indian swimmers and volleyball players. Materials and Methods: Swimmers (male = 66, female = 70) and volleyball players (male = 88, female = 81) were recruited by simple random sampling from reputed clubs of Kolkata. They were segregated into study and confirmatory groups. VO2max was determined by graded incremental cycle ergometer test followed by expired gas analysis and indirect CRT method. Results: Predicted VO2max (PVO2max) showed significant difference with the directly measured VO2max (VO2max) in study groups of both sports. Limits of agreement between PVO2max and VO2max proved inapplicability of current CRT protocol in studied populations. Modified population specific equations were computed from significant correlation of VO2max with distance covered in Cooper run test. Application of these norms in confirmatory groups revealed insignificant difference between PVO2max and VO2max in both genders. Conclusion: Modified equations are validated for application of CRT in evaluating VO2max in swimmers and volleyball players of both genders of Kolkata, India. © 2020 Published by Scientific Scholar on behalf of Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.
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