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Congestion management of a multi-bus transmission system using distributed smart wires
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 417 - 420
Congestion management, demand for increase of reliability, upcoming renewable generation causing distributed generation and increase of load demand have led to the development of new technologies capable of improving network operation without new line construction. An attempt for reconfiguration of an existing network with the help of sectionalizing switches to find out the least loss configuration sometimes causes overloading of certain lines. Among many developed technologies, Smart Wire is a new concept for a low-cost, high reliability method to control the power flow in a transmission line. This paper presents a technique by which, if congestion is detected, it can be managed by a Smart Wire. It improves a passive grid asset, like a power line; with improved reliability relative to traditional FACTS because it can be bypassed if it fails, leaving the passive asset in service. This is called fail-normal operation. © 2014 IEEE.