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Conformational behavior of α-d-mannopyranosyl-(1→6)-α,β-d-mannose complexed with two mannose-binding plant lectins, Allium sativam agglutinin I and concanavalin A, using NMR and molecular modeling techniques
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PMID: 19892324
Volume: 345
Issue: 1
Pages: 61 - 67
Herein, we report the intrinsic conformational preferences of α-d-Manp-(1→6)-α,β-d-Manp, (1) in the free state and as two (ASAI and ConA) lectin-bound forms. NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics techniques are used as 3D-structural determination tools. In free form disaccharide 1 displays a fair amount of conformational freedom, with one major (φ{symbol}/ψ 95 ± 30°/195 ± 20°) and one minor (95 ± 30°/70 ± 20°) conformations around the glycosidic linkage and around the ω angle, both the gg and gt rotamers are almost equally populated. This is a first report of a three-dimensional structure of 1 bound with ASAI. Both lectins recognize a major φ{symbol}/ψ 95 ± 30°/200 ± 30° conformer with the ligand showing more flexibility in the binding site of ConA. Comparison of the mode of binding of the two lectins explains the differences in observed specificities. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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