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Conceptual level graph theoretic design and development of complex information system
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 449 - 454
This paper introduces a graph-oriented model for the conceptual level design of large, complex information systems. This has been shown to be highly effective to the system designer from the perspectives of maintainability and upgradability. Basically due to the flat structure and the lack of holding multidimensional data, the relational model does not provide a structural approach to the system designer. The alternative object oriented model offers the structured approach but also is not able to describe various intermodular relationships spread over the same or different levels within a data model. The graph data model allows dynamic regrouping of related entities at the designers' level. We have proposed an appropriate data structure and the corresponding DDL has been developed. Test runs on a simulated environment further establish its computational efficiency. © 2000 IEEE.