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Changing trends of cultural values in advertising: An exploratory study
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Volume: 19
Issue: 1
Pages: 113 - 123
Four hundred advertisements published in Bengali periodicals in four different time periods, 1947-48, 1977-72, 1991-92 and 2004-05, were content analysed to determine whether advertising appeals concerning cultural values had changed during these years. Jewellery, cosmetics, garments and banking were the four categories of products/services used in the study. In view of the repetitive appearance of advertisements in the periodicals and the multiplicity of products and available periodicals, a multistage sampling was adopted. Content analysis was done manually by three coders following the procedure laid down by Krippendroff (1980). Findings suggest that advertising trends relating to traditional values and focus on the collective (a cultural tradition), had changed over the years. Traditional values were replaced by trends of modernisation and westernisation and priority to the individual over the collective. The reasons and implications of these findings have been discussed.
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JournalPsychology and Developing Societies
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