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Business Intelligence Development by Analysing Customer Sentiment
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 287 - 290
Virtual Data warehouses (VDW) are generally used to store and analyze rapidly generated data and thereafter to make quick decision. VDW may stores data in a schema-less form and without any pre-processing to make the decision making on the fly. But for long term and effective business report generation, VDWs must be linked with physical data warehouse. In real life it is often found that a particular attribute is present in VDWs that is missing in actual data warehouse. In this type of situation the system needs to decide whether the attribute will be added in to physical data warehouse or not. Also in many time it is found that a particular attribute has a poor priority for data analysis, but it found very importance in VDWs. To handle all these, alone VDWs or client ends are not fit enough as they don't have all the information about the system. Hence a specially designated node is required for gathering all the information about the system and changing the structure of the data warehouse. © 2018 IEEE.