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Biomarkers in Forensic Diagnosis of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)
Saikat Das, , Ritwik Ghosh
Published in
Volume: 1
Issue: 9
Pages: 1248 - 1255
Diagnosis of sudden cardiac death (SCD) is challenging for medical professionals. For this reason, to make diagnosis easier for forensic pathologists, there is a pressing need for the use of biomarkers. This article highlights biomarkers that can be used in the postmortem diagnosis of SCD. Cardiac troponins, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and creatine kinase-MB have proven to be very useful for this purpose. Lactate dehydrogenase, myoglobin and tumor necrosis factor $\alpha$, althoughuseful, are not efficient enough to be included in the list ofbiomarkers for the diagnosis of SCD.Previous studies have shown both positive and negative resultsfor natriuretic peptides as a biomarker and further studies are requiredto confirm its use as a biomarker for diagnosis of SCD in autopsycases. In living subjects, a multi-marker strategy is useful inpredicting risk of cardiovascular deaths. It is suggested that for thediagnosis of SCD, a multi-marker strategy may be more efficient.However, more studies are required to confirm this.
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