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Asymmetric defected ground structure: A new approach of suppressing cross-polarized radiations from probe fed circular patches
C. Kumar,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1 - 4
Shaped asymmetric DGS has been explored in here for probe fed circular microstrips for the first time. Right angle- bent 'L'-shaped is one of them. Another new DGS configuration conceived as 'extended-arc' of asymmetric nature. They are tested near 10 GHz. The results presented in this paper indicate that the DGSs are effective for circular patch and do affect neither its resonance not the co-polarized radiations. Among the two types, the extended-arc configuration is found to be more compact in nature. Suppression in cross-polar fields in H-plane is documented by more than 20 dB near band center. This is the best suppression in the XP radiation achieved so far. Additionally the DGS is very compact and small in terms of the etched out area in the ground plane. © 2017 IEEE.